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Zachary Ross and The Divine release debut EP ‘Rebuilding Heaven’

Ex-Man Overboard singer dives head-first into a new project

Today Zachary Ross and The Divine released their debut EP, “Rebuilding Heaven,” via Smartpunk Records. The new five-track collection, featuring singles “A Light Over Massachusetts” and “Push Start (Everyone Knows)” takes influences from some of their favourite acts, including Tegan and Sara, The Killers, Weezer, and more.

Coming off the heels of Zac Eisenstein’s previous stint in pop-punk defenders Man Overboard, Zachary Ross and The Divine is his new main endeavour:

“I have been at home for over four years without a musical outlet. I needed to be here for my family, but
also Man Overboard for the life of us could not get on the same page schedule-wise the past couple years.
This culminated in my starting my own band. This isn’t a side project, this isn’t a little creative endeavor.
This is my band now. This is the main band. This is the main project. The show must go on.”

During his time in one of the most pivotal pop-punk bands of the 2010s – Man Overboard, Zac’s
musical talents landed him on the main stage of the Vans Warped Tour, on the top 20 Billboard rock charts, and on worldwide tours with sold-out crowds on multiple continents.

When the band came to an end, Zac tended to his family life and struggled with mental illness of his own. After a few years under the radar, he felt it was time to make new music under his own name in the summer of 2021.

His agent Matt Pike encouraged him to take the plunge by reminding him that if he puts great music out, the world will probably listen, or at least some people. With that fire lit, Zac headed to Hollywood to make a record and a new band of his own.

Despite Man Overboard reunion plans in the future, Zachary Ross and The Divine is his latest full-time effort and main outlet as a songwriter. The new tracks explore the stories of his life including love, loss, growth, and change. The familiar and beloved characteristics of Zac’s previous musical endeavors are present and seamlessly blend with his new perspective and approach as a solo artist.

Rebuilding Heaven, is due out September 9th via Smartpunk Records

Zachary Ross

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