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Killed By Cupid Drops New Single feat. Jack Cumes

Killed by Cupid projects a colourful dose of angst-themed pop-punk in ‘Sugar’ feat. Jack Cumes

Sugar feat Jack Cumes is a new solo project by Adelaide/Tarndanya-based newcomer Jesse Cumes. This latest track allowing them an opportunity to fully master their independent vision. As the name suggests, Killed by Cupid is a vehicle for raw feelings surrounding breakups, self-destruction and mental health. These emotions are laid bare, soaked in modern pop-laden emo-punk and delivered with an early-2000’s-tinged punch that is sure to leave a lasting impact. 

Sugar is the second single following Magic, and is part of the upcoming The Sickly Sweet debut E.P. Sugar oozes plenty of main character energy; the mood is – ‘It’s my (breakup) party, and I’ll cry if I want to’.

A quietly confident intro of a standalone catchy guitar riff instantly ups the ante by posing the question: ‘Do you believe in love?’. Pause for effect, then Sugar feat. Jack Cumes bursts into an autotuned frenzy of explosive drum beats and moments that push and pull with a dramatic force. A force that cleverly mirrors the extremes experienced in a breakup. Biting and bitter lyrics like ‘Cut me up and break my bones, I always sleep alone’ are amplified by the featured vocalist. The elements ultimately combine to create a raw and raging pop-punk track. 

Inspired by personal experiences with heartbreak and the painful but necessary growth period that often follows. Killed by Cupid spoke about the message behind this track. “Sugar is about cutting certain people and relationships out of your life. It’s about not needing a relationship to be fulfilled or your own person.”

Grab a pillow to scream into and get your hit of Sugar feat. Jack Cumes by Killed by Cupid.

Stream Sugar HERE.

The Sickly Sweet EP is out on September 23.


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