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Doki Doki release new single and video ‘I Can’t Fight This Crazy Anymore’

Asian Man Records latest punk signees release their third single and accompanying music video.

An amalgam of members from Grumpster, Dog Party, Small Crush and The Moore Family Band, Doki Doki have a new song and video out now- ‘I Can’t Fight This Crazy Anymore‘.

Showcasing the band’s catchy vocals and infectious energy, their new track is a slight departure from the rage-filled punk of their two previous releases.

Doki Doki said the track is about “relationship woes,” with poignant lyrics capturing their subject, “Frozen from the moment we had shaken off the lies / Poems that would gather dust in boxes set aside.”

For the video, the dreamy-indie rock song plays against the image of band member Logan Hammon packing records in the band’s garage.

Doki Doki was originally formed after the four bandmates became friends through their work with Asian Man Records’ Mike Park. The band is all about community, making music, and building up the DIY scene.

The group is composed of Lucy Giles of Dog Party, Logan Hammon of Small Crush, Randy Moore of The Moore Family Band, and Donnie Walsh of Grumpster. Melding their sounds together, they create expressive, freeing tracks about everything from insurrection to relationship blues. 

I Can’t Fight This Crazy Anymore‘ is out now on all major streaming platforms.

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