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Bay Area Crossover DIY Punk-Metal Band Escapes Serious Injury After Being Hit By ‘Reckless Driver’

Members of Bay Area crossover punk-metal band Hemorage escaped without any serious injuries after tour bus was hit by a car early Saturday morning in San Francisco.

It was the end of a gig that the Bay Area Band would rather forget, but are very grateful that the crash wasn’t any worse than it was. The band were shaken and the guitarist was taken to hospital for checks but no one suffered any serious injuries.

“We just came from Sacramento to play an afterparty,” Hemorage guitarist Jon Orc told ABC San Francisco affiliate KGO. “We were on our way home. As we exited the freeway, some guy was going about 60 to 80 miles an hour. And he hit us really hard. And he dragged us.”

In a social media post, Hemorage explained that Orc and guitarist/vocalist Toby Bona Pak had just dropped off drummer Ron Roussel when they were hit. Bona Pak was taken to the ER with minor injuries, treated and released.

“He hit the right side of our bus and kept on pushing the gas pedal and eventually [tried] to run away,” the band wrote. “Luckily enough, there was an officer on the next block who stopped and arrested the driver.

“Our bus is totalled and we are not sure how much damage is done to our gear at the moment. Toby had to go to the ER, and thankfully, he did not get any major injuries. He is now with his family and recovering. Jon and his wife Missy did not get any injuries but only soreness from the collision.

“We are grateful that none of us are hurt, and we can take time to rest and recover from this event. We will start picking back up the pieces and figure out what our next moves are after the holidays.”

Hemorage has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase a new bus — which could cost upwards of $20,000 — as well as the thousands of dollars needed to replace damaged equipment.

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