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Monday, January 30, 2023

Check Out the New Bad Brains Mural Painted by Shepard Fairey in Downtown Manhattan!

It’s goodby to Blondie, and a big hello to Bad Brains in Bleecker Street, NYC!

If you’ve ever wanted to get a glimpse of punk-rock history, there’s now a new mural honouring Bad Brains located in downtown Manhattan. The mural was painted on Monday and Tuesday on a wall at Bleecker St and Bowery, which is now the location of J Crew. It was previously home to Shepard Fairey’s Blondie mural, which replaced the Joey Ramone mural in 2017.

The art is based on a collage of photographs taken by Glen E. Friedman, a photograher who has captured some of punk rock’s most iconic artists over the years (including Black Flag and Minor Threat). Friedman also recently published a photo book entitled ‘What I See: The Black Flag Photographs of Glen E. Friedman’

It’s a shame to see the Blondie mural go, but this is a pretty impressive replacment. Not only does it honour two legendary punk artists, it provide free public art for everyone to enjoy, and also helps keep punk rock history alive for future generations.

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