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The Life of Punk and Fashion Icon Jordan To Be Celebrated.

Punk and fashion icon Pamela Rooke’s (a.k.a. Jordan Mooney) memorial concert will be in aid of two of her favourite charities.

The event will be held in Brighton, UK, at the popular Concorde 2 on Sunday, May 29 and will feature ten specially selected bands who either were friends of Jordan’s or were bands that produced music that she loved.

Seaford born Rooke was well known as a friend of Vivienne Westwood, Malcolm McClaren, The Sex Pistols, Siouxsie Sioux and many other key players of the ’70s London punk scene.

Jordan’s partner Nick Linazasoro is organising the fundraiser with Brighton’s Black Rabbit Productions. He told sussexexpress.co.uk: “Jordan loved to follow many bands, and she was also a veterinary nurse and bred award-winning Burmese cats.

“So, when I was approached to hold a memorial concert, it was decided to equally share profits from the event between two charities close to Jordan’s heart: Cats Protection and the Music Venues Trust.”

Jordan today (Photo by Mudkiss Photography)
Jordan (Photo by Mudkiss Photography)

Nick added: “The concert is a celebration of everything Jordan. It will be a perfect blend of the old guard and new pretenders, with live performances from some of her friends as well as a selection of local music artists that Jordan loved. In recognition of Jordan’s punk rock ethics, all bands will be treated equally, reflected in the running order of acts.”

Marcus Agar, Cats Protection media officer, said: “Proclaimed as a Queen of Punk and undoubtedly a fashion influencer, Jordan shared her Seaford home with many cats over the years, as seen in photographs from her private collection screened at her funeral earlier this year.

“One shows Jordan in her familiar punk era graphic make-up with her cat Nolan, while another is of her much-loved Burmese cat, the Supreme UK Imperial Gold Grand Champion & Supreme UK Imperial Gold Grand Premier Mainman Kisschase.”

Photograph: Alan Powdrill/The Guardian

Marcus added: “As well as being a genuine cultural influencer, Jordan was known for her great love of cats. We are honoured to be a small part of her extensive legacy as a beneficiary of this tribute event to a true icon. We will ensure that the money is well spent in Jordan’s memory.”

Nick said: “Jordan was famed and highly respected in various sectors of life, film, music and her love of cats. But the overwhelming agreement was that here was a soul that could be completely trusted, one who stayed true to herself and never sold out.”

Rooke died in East Sussex on 3 April 2022 from cholangiocarcinoma, aged 66.

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Main Photo: Jordan with Johnny Rotten in 1977. Photograph: Ray Stevenson/Rex Features

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