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Alexx Bean is Anything But Fading in Latest Single

Pop-punk artist Alexx Bean has released his brand new single and video for Fading.

This latest track shows Alexx breaking into the world of hyper pop and carving out a space for himself with the pop-punk fusion track. Complete with an eccentric music video directed by Trill Phil, ‘Fading’ hits the sweet spot for Gen Z listeners looking for a cross between current trends and emo classics. 

Fading follows up from Alexx’s last singles H0P3 I DI3 YNG, Misery and Castles gaining the attention of Hot Topic, Ones To Watch, All Punked Up, Chorus.FMand other notable outlets. Inspired by unapologetic pop-punk and heart-on-sleeve emo rap, Gen Z rockstar Alexx Bean dishes out cathartic anthems for an anxious youth in the age of COVID and unending political turmoil.

Fading is out now on streaming services.

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