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Newtown Neurotics release new video for ‘Climate Emergency’

Harlow punk legends tackle one of the big issues of modern times with their new track

If you’ve been sweating yourself into oblivion over the last few weeks, then the current climate crisis may have passed through your mind once or twice. Well, you’re not alone as Newtown Neurotics release the video for their new track ‘Climate Emergency‘ which sees our current climate woes get the punk treatment.

The track is taken from their forthcoming album ‘Cognitive Dissidents‘ which is due for release in October through Cadiz Music. And the urgent need to address the ever-approaching climate collapse is portrayed in this powerful and thought provoking song which urges cooperation to avert potential catastrophe.

The band- comprised of Steve Drewett (guitar and vocals) , Adam Smith (bass) and Simon Lomond (drums)- have been purveying their own brand of authentic, riff-driven punk since their formation in the late seventies. And five albums later, the band are no strangers to tackling political issues, demonstrated on tracks such as ‘When the Oil Runs Out’ and ‘Mindless Violence‘ to name a few.

Written and recorded during the unprecedented disruption of Covid, and being released during a time when political and social disintegration is everywhere we look, ‘Cognitive Dissidents‘ feels timely and vital for the times we live in. This is punk doing what punk does best- reflecting the world back to us using the power of music to spread messages and build bridges.

You can find Newtown Neurotics live at Rebellion in Blackpool in August.

Pre-order ‘Cognitive Dissidents’ here.

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