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Bayside Are In ‘The Red’ With New EP

New York punks Bayside share more music from upcoming up EP with latest single Good Advice.

Bayside’s latest offering, Good Advice is a powerful, hard-hitting track that laments on how “good advice is hard to come by”.

“We’ve been writing and releasing songs as we are inspired to lately. That’s the plan for us for now as opposed to having to fill a quota of songs for a full length.” Vocalist Anthony Raneri recently shared about the track. “We don’t want to abandon the idea of songs as a collection altogether. So we decided to release each record session as an EP. The Red Ep is a collection from the first round of recordings we did for this project”

Talking about Good Advice, he continues: “I wanted to write a straightforward, classic sing along banger. Fast, fun and catchy without being overthought. I came in with a pretty simple idea and the band helped dress it up and make it exciting. As for the lyrics, I had this idea that maybe when you die, you wind up in this office setting. Like a waiting room. And there are these employees trying to figure out where your paperwork is to figure out where you’re supposed to get transferred.”

Good Advice builds upon the momentum of the band’s previous single, Strangest Faces. This year welcoming the band’s first new music since 2019’s Interrobang‽. The album secured the #5 spot on the Record Label Independent chart, as well as #6 Current Rock, #9 LP Vinyl, #10 Current Digital, and #14 Current Albums. It also broke into the Billboard Top 200.

Earlier this year, Bayside honoured Pride Month with a cover of Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves. All proceeds from the track benefit The Trevor Project.

In 2021, Bayside celebrated more than two decades with the ’21 Years of Really Bad Luck’ anniversary tour. Bayside has constantly proved that music is not about gimmicks and ephemeral trends, but a timeless reflection of our lives and our times.

It is through this timelessness and consistency that they continue to cultivate a cult-following that lives and breathes everything the band creates. Bayside continues to focus on creating songs that are relevant rather than being relegated to one genre. And while many bands would coast on their past success, Bayside rejects the premise and proves time and again that the best is yet to come.

Fans can listen to Good Advice HERE.
Pre-order / Pre-save The Red EP HERE.

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