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The Dog Indiana Video Premiere for single ‘Loaf’!

The new single is taken from their recent hardcore grunge LP 'Burnt Ends'.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Vancouver Island’s noise rock merchants The Dog Indiana released their intense new album ‘Burnt Ends‘. Now, with barely time to catch our breath since hearing their hardcore grunge offering, the band have dropped a new video for the first single from the album- ‘Loaf‘. 

The track starts with some rattling, pounding drums that are soon joined by the reverb and distortion of the bass and guitar. The vocals swim in the increasing intensity of the noise this trio do so well- raw, urgent and pulsing.

But you don’t have to take our word for it- check out the new psychedelic, sci-fi infused video for the track below:

The band- Clark Ridge (guitar and vocals), Thomas Service (bass and vocals) and Santiago Garcia (drums)- have spent six years building a repertoire of material and their new release showcases the fruits of that effort.

If you like your music loud, dark, brooding and full on fierce, then you need to give ‘Burnt Ends‘ a listen!

Burnt Ends‘ is out now via Early Onset Records. You can purchase on 12″ vinyl HERE

It is also available to listen to on all major streaming sites. 

The Dog Indiana

Main Photo Credit: Annie Thatcher

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