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The Dog Indiana release hardcore grunge LP ‘Burnt Ends’

Fusing the most raucous, fuzzy aspects of hardcore punk and grunge, this trio inject ominous atmosphere and rattling noise into their new release.

The band- Clark Ridge (guitar and vocals), Thomas Service (bass and vocals) and Santiago Garcia (drums)- have spent six years building a repertoire of material and this new release showcases the fruits of that effort.

Burnt Ends‘ is an exploration of the feelings of helplessness and isolation that shook so much of the world in the last few years. 

It follows the 2020 EP ‘Never‘ and continues the descent into a darker, richer and more serious tone. 

Every track feels urgent and despairing. From the opening track ‘Elixir‘ (an  unsettling, almost-instrumental), to the slower yet somehow even heavier, oppressive thickness of ‘Black Mollies‘, each track takes you deeper and deeper into an all enveloping post grunge, thrashing chaos. 

The band released track ‘Loaf‘ in March and the reverb and distortion demonstrate the pulsing intensity that you get throughout the rest of the 9 track release. 

The lyrics reflect the dark richness of the sound, particularly in tracks like ‘The Hanged Man’ which in three short verses conveys a haunting narrative of a condemned man surrendering to his fate. 

Album closer ‘Natural Law‘ skilfully fuses Ridge’s intense vocals with a more experimental melody as Service and Garcia flit between speeds and levels of ferocity. It’s an impressive end to an impressive release.  

Burnt Ends‘ is out on April 1st via Early Onset Records. You can purchase on 12″ vinyl HERE

It is also available to listen to on all major streaming sites. 

The Dog Indiana

Main Photo Credit: Alex Poulton

  1. Elixir
  2. Hydroxydramaqueen
  3. Golden Pavillion
  4. Black Mollies
  5. Loaf
  6. The Hanged Man
  7. Shame
  8. Matchsticks
  9. Natural Law
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