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LEECHES Release New 7″ Vinyl ‘Periodical Fits’

Perth punks LEECHES cover The Wipers' 'Let's Go Away' on new EP.

Cheersquad Records & Tapes is elated to release Periodical Fits, a 6 track 7” by Perth punk luminaries LEECHES! The release extends the band’s repertoire, pushing a heavier and more melodic delivery than their previous releases. The band also pay homage to Portland’s punk pioneers The Wipers with a cover of Let’s Go Away from the 1983 release Is This Real. Periodical Fits is available on limited edition numbered ‘piss yellow’ 7″ vinyl and digital download.

LEECHES! release their first critically acclaimed EP ROTT, in 2012. The band followed up with a full-length album, Lords of Dullsville, in 2013 an explosion of mental chaos.

These Western Australian punks have built up a strong following touring extensively throughout Australia and Indonesia. Leeches! have played with bands such as the Misfits, Dead Kennedys, The Meanies, Hard-Ons, Cosmic Psychos, Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Radio Birdman, Frenzal Rhomb, Celibate Rifles, Body Jar, X, Stiff Little Fingers, Propaghandi, Slates, High on Fire, Agent Orange and many more.

Periodical Fits Packshot WHITE (1)
Limited release vinyl available via Bandcamp

With their unmistakable sound and high-energy live shows, LEECHES! have a reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the Australian music scene. Whether you’re a fan of punk or just great rock music,LEECHES! are a band you won’t want to miss. 

Fueled by the freshly roasted coffee beans, the band recorded ‘Periodical Fits’ on a 40-degree day at Dirty Merkin Studios in Morley, WA. As with all LEECHES! recordings to date, all songs were mixed & mastered by the expert Alien Smith (Bergerk). Cover artwork provided by the obviously skilled.

LEECHES! Periodical Fits EP is out today on all streaming services. Buy the limited edition numbered piss yellow 7″ vinyl or digital download HERE

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