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Album review: ‘Sublime Destruction’ by Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures break boundaries with this impassioned compilation, where you'll hear something new upon every listen!

This week sees the release of ‘Sublime Destruction‘, the long-awaited debut full-length album from punk-infused rockers Desperate Measures. The album was recorded over two years, as and when the band had the funds, with Andy Brook (who has produced, engineered, and toured with the likes of Status Quo, Ginger Wildheart, Wonk Unit and Hayseed Dixie) at The Brook Studios, Wallington, Surrey. 

Desperate Measures are: Eugene Butcher (Vive le Rock, Glitterati) on vocals, James Sherry (Dealing with Damage) on drums, Michael Gaff Gaffney (Rich Ragany & the Digressions) on guitar/vocals and Ricky McGuire (The Men They Couldn’t Hang) on bass/vocals. Having just completed a roaring UK tour with Cleveland, Ohio Punk legends the Dead Boys, and currently nearing the conclusion of a dual headline tour with friends Janus Stark, the guys are keen to bring their music to the masses with this multifarious new record!

Thunderous first track ‘Back To The Rats‘ kicks the album off apace, all strenuous vocals, strident drums and shimmering guitars. “It’s about finding yourself amongst chaos without fully realising it, or the consequences at the time,” explains Gaff.

The flames continue to rise with ‘Pocket‘ – a burning piece of classic rock with a BIG sound! Sublime backing vocals ignite the finishing touches.

Insanely brilliant guitar riffs from Gaff over James Sherry‘s dynamic and defined drumming make ‘Sublime Destruction‘ a tune to turn up the volume for! The blood-red video overlaid with the song’s stark lyrics hammers the message home. Eugene says; “Sublime Destruction is about how the normal everyday things we take for granted are slowly being taken away and eroded, whether it’s our rights, the environment or even the health system. Blink and they will be gone.”

The Rich-Tual‘ is billed as “A bullet of classic punk reloaded for the pandemic generation that rips from the speakers screaming ‘fuck the system, before the system fucks you!” It also happens to be a first class rock ‘n’ roll banger of a tune with some pretty awesome bass lines to boot!

Enjoy The Ride‘ is about living for the moment, rather than getting bogged down by the depressing and tedious parts of life. Sex Pistols-inspired guitar features, with a bit of Motörhead chucked in for good measure!

Lost Angels‘ was re-recorded after its original ‘live in the studio’ incarnation from Desperate Measures’ 2021 EP ‘Rinsed‘. This version is its burnished, beefed up older brother, the improved production bringing the bass to the fore which suits the track perfectly.

Gaff really shows off his talents in ‘Untouchable‘ – the guitars and backing vocals are heartfelt and magnificent! A powerful song about loneliness and loss.

Thinking Of England‘ also has a touch of the Pistols about it, while pulsating with enough melodic poppiness for that earworm to slide right into your brain.. Gaff says it’s about “leaving a bad situation, whether it be physically or mentally, trying to find light at the end of the tunnel and staying hopeful, realising that you might be fucked now, but it’s not always going to be that way.”

The brooding ‘Flowers At Your Door‘ was written “after being stuck in pretty much self-isolation for 3 months, during the first Covid lockdown, as a relationship went down the pan,” explains Eugene. “It was a lonely time for a lot of people and this song was born out of all that.” A Psychedelic Furs / Jesus and Mary Chain mashup brewed up with Desperate Measure’s own spicy twists, and real, raw emotion present in Eugene’s vocals.

A modern portrait of North London, ‘Seven Sisters‘ was inspired by Eugene’s daily surroundings; “I live and work on Seven Sisters Road, one of London’s most derived streets,” he explains. “There’s glimmers of hope against the odds but desperation and despair are always near.” That sense of anguish is perfectly channelled in the song’s moody, fiery heaviness. “The money train never stops, and you never see the cops, on Seven Sisters…”

The poinancy of the ticking clock which introduces the final track on the album ‘Still Got Me‘ is matched by Eugene’s self-reflective lyrics. Sympathetic acoustic guitar and keyboards provide the haunting backdrop to this beautiful song.

The sheer variety of the music on ‘Sublime Destruction‘ reflects both Desperate Measures’ many influences and their proficiency as songwriters. They refuse to be pinned to one genre; they are musicians’ musicians, and they can be rightfully proud of this masterful collection.

Sublime Destruction‘ is out on Cadiz Music on 22nd March – order your copy HERE

Catch Desperate Measures at their official album launch show at The Lexington, London on 30th March with The DeRellas and Thrill City – tickets available HERE
Or in a town near you soon:

22nd London – Koko with Buzzcocks
30th London – Lexington with The DeRellas, Thrill City
6th Bradford On Avon – The Three Horseshoes Boa with The Setbacks
11th Corby – The Clubhouse with Sham69

21st London – New Cross Inn with Blitzkrieg
22nd Hastings – Carlisle with Blitzkreig
4th London – 100 Club with Menace & the Outcasts

Desperate Measures - Sublime Destruction album cover

Main Photo Credit: CRIS WATKINS

1. Back To The Rats
2. Pocket
3. Sublime Destruction
4. The Rich-Tual
5. Enjoy The Ride
6. Lost Angels
7. Untouchable
8. Thinking Of England
9. Flowers At Your Door
10. Seven Sisters
11. Still Got Me

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