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The Punk Rock Museum Needs Your Vote!

In a 'surprise' nomination, The Punk Rock Museum is in the running to be voted the best new museum in USA TODAY.

The Punk Rock Museum, a haven for punk enthusiasts, needs your support! In a surprising turn of events, it has been nominated for the prestigious title of the best new museum in the USA TODAY. Voting is open until December 25th, and you have the power to cast your vote once a day. The museum is counting on your help to secure the top spot.

The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas has had visitors enthralled since opened its doors on April 1st. The museum’s team has put in countless hours curating an impressive collection, and this is just the beginning. With rotating exhibits, new collections, events, and surprises in the pipeline, The Punk Rock Museum promises to always keep things fresh and exciting.

The museum  boasts a remarkable array of artefacts that evoke a sense of reverence. Johnny Thunders’ red leather jacket, Joan Jett’s studded leather jacket from the ’80s, and Jimmy Webb’s iconic outfit designed by Agatha Blois are just a few examples. 

Photographs play a significant role in capturing the essence of punk, and the museum does not disappoint in this regard. Prepare to be mesmerised by shots of Siouxsie and The Banshees, John Lydon, Adam Ant, Gen X, and many more. The collection also includes rare posters from The Plasmatics, Subhumans, and DOA, offering a glimpse into the visual aesthetic of the era.

Whether you’re a die-hard punk fan or simply curious about the movement, a visit to The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas is an absolute must. 

Show your support for The Punk Rock Museum by casting your vote today. Click the link below to make your voice heard:


Together, let’s help these passionate punks claim the recognition they deserve. 

Photo: Alisha Amnesia

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