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Sweet Gloom share second single and video ‘Deal Me Peace’

LA pop punk trio Sweet Gloom give us another glimpse of their upcoming debut album with new single 'Deal Me Peace'.

Asian Man Records strikes again with another band on their roster that deliver impeccably crafted melodic pop punk that will have you bopping and pogo-ing around your room. 

The DIY record label has had some seriously good releases over the past year that have become favourites at Punktuation towers including tracks by Doki Doki, Sarchasm and The Abruptors amongst others. 

And now….we can add Sweet Gloom to that list! If this track is reflective of the quality we have coming with the band’s album ‘Reverie‘ then we are in for a treat. 

Pic by James Duran

The story of the song is described by singer Jaake Margo as a macabre story about “revelling in misery and longing for a way out”. And certainly the chorus’ refrain of “Why do I just wanna die all the time?” is an undoubtedly dark lyric that is juxtaposed against the catchiest, most upbeat power pop song you will hear this Summer. 

The sentiment is echoed in the music video where drummer Morris Carrillo is shadowed by the grim reaper as he goes about a normal morning. The reaper appears as Carrillo’s rideshare driver and pops up again and again as Carrillo browses for cereal, cartwheels down the sidewalk, and gives chase down a busy pier where seemingly no one else can see his pursuer.

Featuring Jaake Margo of Asian Man Records favourites Get Married onlead vocals and guitar, and bassist and vocalist Chris Clark(Wiretap Records’ Tiny Stills) they bring introspective songs about feeling inadequate to the table, but with pure raw energy, a magnetic stage presence, and endless melodic hooks.

Rounded out by powerhouse drummer and notorious L.A. hunk Morris Carrillo, Sweet Gloom is a wild and boundary-blasting punk band, eager to leave their stamp on pop music with each and every sha-la-la.

Whilst we wait patiently for the full debut album, make sure you get hold of this single and check out Sweet Gloom’s previous track ‘Hollywood Love‘. 

‘Deal Me Peace’ is out on May 9th! Listen on your preferred service HERE.

The band are also on tour with Startle throughout June. 

Feature pic by James Duran

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