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Ruts DC premiere a new video – and their tour starts this week!

'Faces in the Sky' now has a video to match this haunting dystopian track..

The first track on Ruts DC‘s recent studio album ‘Counterculture?‘ now has an excellent video to go with it – ‘Faces in the Sky‘ introduces the listener to the dystopian world which is happening right now! With an almost hip-hop beat from the drums of Dave Ruffy, this powerful song harks back to earlier Ruts’ material, sung with robotic overtones by bassist and vocalist John ‘Segs’ Jennings: “Haven’t we been through this? Most of you people are fucking clueless. Let’s send a word to the wise. I don’t feel the fear when I go outside”.

Produced by Graham Trott, the video is the perfect accompaniment to the song. Segs as ‘MC’ illustrating the lyrics with his hands and facial expressions, while a lone figure makes her way through the streets, never far from the surveillance cameras..

With background elements of ‘The Matrix’, and the digitisation of people’s faces, the video candidly portrays how AI is able to capture you.. Leigh Heggarty‘s cracking guitar solo towards the end of the song is featured in close-up, and no, I still don’t know how he creates such impassioned sounds!

Counterculture?‘ is available from Ruts DC HERE. Read our review of the album HERE!

Even better – your have another chance to catch this great live band playing ‘Faces in the Sky‘ and more before the year is out – starting on Thursday, Ruts DC tour the UK and Ireland.

Grab your tickets to a venue near you!

Ruts DC Dec 2023 tour

Main Photo Credit: RUTH RAE

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