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nktuation! is a Punk Rock music, culture and lifestyle magazine headed by veteran music journalist Matt Wallis. Online since 2020 Punktuation is today one

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Punk Features

Bottoms up! Ten of the Greatest Punk, Drinking Songs… Ever!

Raise your glass and skol your pint, as we reveal 10 of the best punk songs about boozing - responsibly of course!

Punk Features

10 Influential Pop Punk Bands of the ’90s & 2000s

Love it or loathe it, pop punk is a genre that evokes a strong emotion in the listener. Of course, this emotion depends on who the listener is. For the

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Punk Features

10 Celebs you didn’t know were punks at heart!

When thinking of celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley, Ben Stiller and Ru Paul, visions of a punk rock lifestyle don’t usually spring to mind. But

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Punk Features

Green Day: The Musical Influences That Helped Create Dookie

The wide range of musical influences that helped create one of the greatest 'teenage wasteland' albums of the pop-punk generation!

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Punk Interviews

Penetration’s PAULINE MURRAY Talks to Punktuation! about her new labour of love…and how it almost never came into being

As lead singer of Penetration, Pauline Murray was at the female forefront of punk. Today she’s in touch with her softer side and has released a new single

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