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IDestroy call for women’s safety to be taken seriously with new single Headphones

I wanna feel safe in the dark, I wanna listen to my headphones when I'm alone..

Riotous live shows are IDestroy’s calling card. Since forming in 2015, the trio, who met as students in Bristol, have played hundreds of gigs across the UK, Europe and Asia, selling out shows in South Korea and multiple tours in Germany. They have also proved popular on the festival circuit and played at Rebellion Festival in both 2019 and 2022!

IDestroy’s debut album ‘We Are Girls‘ was released in February 2021. Rife with swearing and sarcasm and steeped in camaraderie and attitude, ‘We Are Girls‘ is a party-punk album which reflects the energy and chaos of their live shows. The debut received high praise from publications such as The Sunday TimesThe Daily MirrorClassic Rock and countless others.

IDestroy live in Bristol, 2021 - photo by Ruth Rae

IDestroy have now recorded their highly anticipated follow-up album, set for release in 2024. Its first single ‘All My Friends Are Plastic‘ was released last October; this was followed up last week by ‘Headphones‘, a powerful song about women being told not to wear their headphones while walking home alone, as they always have to stay alert for danger..

Bec Jevons (guitar and lead vocals), Nic Wilton-Baker (bass and backing vocals) and Jenn Hills (drums) are vehement about ‘Headphones‘; “When we were writing the song, it’s always in the news about the horrendous things that happen, and the government’s advice to women was to literally flag down a bus if they felt unsafe! It’s not solving the problem, that just shows how clueless they are about what it feels like to be a woman in this situation.”

“Music is a way we can use our voice a to talk about the things that mean the most to us. ‘Headphones‘ is a call for women’s safety to be taken more seriously.”
IDestroy band
IDestroy - photo by Dan Jevons
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