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Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol.2 is coming!

The greatest combination of horror punk, deathrock and rockabilly bands is coming! Well, greatest since Vol.1 anyway!

UK-based Horrorpunk label ‘We Are Horror Records‘ have done it again- curating the best and creepiest of modern horror punk from around the world to bring you 50 tracks (that’s 5-0) including 21 new or exclusive songs!

The release- ‘Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol.2‘- includes intros and interludes by legendary Send More Paramedics vocalist B’Hellmouth, helping to weave together a loose narrative across the tracks. 

This release follows up the hugely successful Vol.1 that featured tracks by the likes of Siblings of Samhain, Pumpkin Guts and Damage 66 (amongst MANY more). 

The new compilation features The Returners, Johnny B Morbid, The Deathtones, The Crimson Ghosts and loads more….

And if some of the track names aren’t enough to pique your interest- ‘The Greasy Strangler‘, ‘Grandpa’s Off His Rocker‘-  then you must be dead inside!

This is going to be a limited run so hurry and get your orders in!

‘Horrorpunk’s Not Dead! Vol.2’ is out April 28th on We Are Horror Records. Order HERE

  1. The Other- Demon Eyes
  2. Tomb of Nick Cage- The Beyond
  3. Die Ghost- Hallows Eve
  4. Hellgreaser- Tragedy (demo)
  5. Screaming Dead- Night Creatures
  6. The Graveyard Boulevard- Science! Beware!
  7. ENERGY- The Witching Hour
  8. Surfistas No Muertos- Crypt Surf Cult
  9. Grave Corps- The Long Night
  10. Damned By The Night- Resurrection is Upon Us
  11. Doomsdale High- To the Metropol!
  12. The Returners- Flatline
  13. Rise From Your Grave- Where Darkness Sleeps
  14. The Spauldings- Creature of the Night
  15. Johnny B Morbid- Blast Off
  16. The Haunting- Slash/Slash
  17. Ratbatspider- We Are the Horror
  18. The Crimson Ghost- Lost in the Dark
  19. The Deathtones- Live Til We’re Dead
  20. Pandemonium Carnival- Love After Death
  21. America’s Most Haunted- Sign of the Wolf
  22. Thee Revenants- It’s Halloween
  23. The Writhers- The Greasy Strangler
  24. The Texas Horrors- Grandpa’s Off His Rocker
  25. Rotunda- Dawn of the Dead
  26. The Crimson Ghosts- On A Succubic Night
  27. Left Hand Black- Holding Death’s Hand
  28. Stormtroopers of Love- Wrecking on the Dancefloor
  29. Mutant Reavers- The Terminators (1984)
  30. Zombina and the Skeletones- (All I Wanna Is) Decompose (With You)
  31. Beneath the Cellar- Flesh and the Fiends
  32. Skullfuck Maniacs- Resurrected
  33. Coffin Carousel- March of the Dead
  34. Evelyn’s Casket- Always Hollow (feat. Brandall Rector of Silent Horror)
  35. Von Boldt- Cemetary Party
  36. Molly Fancher- Victim of Psycho
  37. Pretty With the Lights Out- The Best Revenge is living Hell
  38. Drollery- La Rave De Los Muertos (Ft. No Drop For Us)
  39. Graveyard Smash- Evil Ed
  40. Hateseeker- Let’s Talk About Death
  41. The Panic Broadcast- Dress Like The Dead
  42. A Living Hell- Nothing But A Memory
  43. The Creepy Crawlers- Feed the Wolves
  44. Nefarious Creatures- One Bite
  45. 84 Tapes- The Ritual
  46. Lesbian Bed Death- Bring Out Your Dead
  47. Plague IX- EAT
  48. The Bloodthirsters- Ghouls
  49. Horror Inc- Creatures of the Night
  50. Send More Paramedics- Human Capital 
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