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Feather Trade release A Ready Defense – powerful stuff

Winter can be a struggle - Feather Trade's latest single extends a sympathetic hand

Transatlantic GothPunk rockers Feather Trade understand that the festive season isn’t always merry and bright.. Returning with an outstandingly powerful new single and video, ‘A Ready Defense‘, their genuine empathy for the tougher sides of life shines through.

The band – Natalie Gazaway on Bass, João Vaz on Drums and Chisolm Thompson on Vocals / Guitar – are gearing up for their debut studio album to be released next spring. Based between Manchester UK and Athens GA, a recent run of excellent UK tour dates have cemented their resolve to bring their music to many more people.

Feather Trade winter 2023
Chisolm, Natalie and João - Feather Trade

About the new release, Feather Trade have to say “InA Ready Defense, both song and video, we wanted to offer something that brings attention to the struggles we all face at this time of year. In doing so, we wanted to remind everyone that we are together, as we share  the common struggles. Some may not fight the same battles as you, but they may be anguished for ways to be your ally. You may have miles of challenges, but there is someone languishing to walk with you, or has walked in your shoes before“.

Interspersing shots of the band helping each other to climb a wintery hill, with friends holding banners displaying some shocking statistics, video maker Pete Tomkies has given Chisolm’s musical vision full impact:

Knowing that the images seen in the video may be a trigger point to some, and to others a call to action. the band recognize the urgency of this responsibility and have provided links that they hope will help in your time of need, or in your time of generosity.

See the links on their website HERE

Chisolm further explains “Deep down I think it brings out our best nature to want to look for the greater good in everyone, but I think we’re often tortured by the inability to find ways to do it. I’ve always struggled with guilt during the season of celebrating, knowing there’s so much loss out there during a time of excess, with so many with so little. It’s always most tragic when we’ve lost good friends to crushing loneliness, substance abuse, the weight of the world. I often reflect on the power of acknowledgement of other people. I often dwell on the homeless and the lonely and wish there was a way to give something more to people. Sometimes it seems the mid-winter season is the time when everyone genuinely endeavors to acknowledge and celebrate the existence of one another; of the recognition of dignity in someone else’s humanity“.

If ‘A Ready Defense‘, and their previous singles from this year ‘Big Nobody‘ and ‘Just Like Film‘ are anything to go by, next year’s album will be a cracker! Puntuation! Mag will of course bring you a review and all the Feather Trade news in 2024!

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