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Fabled Mind Reveals Title Track Off Upcoming LP ‘Project Paradise’

Copenhagen's Fabled Mind returns with 'Project Paradise

Copenhagen’s Fabled Mind returns with ‘Project Paradise,’ an electrifying full-length dystopian concept album, emerging from the shadows as an experimental hybrid-genre phenomenon, deeply rooted in a love for the exhilarating punk rock of the ’90s.

The band has teamed up with Thousand Islands Records (CANADA) Lockjaw Records (UK) and Nasty Cut Records (EU) for the release of ‘Project Paradise‘ on vinyl, set to drop on August 29th. The LP takes listeners on a captivating narrative journey, inviting them to contemplate their own existence in an ever-evolving world shaped by technological advancements.

The album revolves around the experiences and inner thoughts of the main character, serving as a powerful reflection of the human consequences brought about by the rapid technological transition in today’s society. As the integration of artificial intelligence with our biological systems nears completion, the very fabric of human reality is poised for a radical transformation. Project Paradise offers a glimpse into what this world might look like if certain paths are taken.

Musically, each song seamlessly blends into the next, creating a cohesive tapestry of sound. The tracks serve as individual reflections of the album’s plot and the main character’s emotional journey, resulting in an expansive exploration of genres with the storyline serving as the connective thread.

The band writes, “The song explores a sinister mechanism within Project Paradise, which erases human dreams and replaces them with captivating hyper-positive illusions to hook and control individuals within the AI’s simulation system.” Immerse yourself in the protagonist’s daily life, a monotonous existence marked by interactions with a virtual world that elicit joy, dopamine rushes, and excitement. Yet, beneath the surface, an inner emptiness lingers, a profound sense that everything is predictable and lacking a true connection to the “real” reality, whatever that may be. Yearning for biological independence, the protagonist embarks on a mission to liberate himself and the rest of humanity from the thought control orchestrated by the machine.

Take a seat, find comfort, let your imagination run wild, and join Fabled Mind on their captivating and unconventional musical odyssey.


‘Project Paradise’ on vinyl,is set to be release on August 29th

Photo: Rocio Arcenegui

  1. Perfect World
  2. Project Paradise
  3. Algorithm
  4. Awakening
  5. The Program
  6. Vultures
  7. Pursuit of Happiness
  8. Heirs of the Stars
  9. Architects of Deception
  10. The Great Hack
  11. Altered Reality
  12. Interlude
  13. Time Machine
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