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EP review – ‘A Desolate Warning’ from Noah and the Loners

Fresh, angry Punk from a teenage band with all the chops!

Landing on Wednesday, the debut EP from Brighton’s  Noah and the Loners, ‘A Desolate Warning‘ is everything you could want from the new generation carrying the Punk banner. The youngest ever band signed to Marshall Records, with Noah Lonergan on vocals and guitar, Amber Welsh on bass, Joseph Boyle on guitar and Noah Riley on drums, this debut release contains a stomping selection of 5 of their many songs.

Produced by Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor), Noah and the Loners previous single releases ‘Hell Of A Day‘ and ‘Crash Landing‘ are included, along with ‘Just Kids‘, ‘Losing My Head‘ and ‘You Make Me (Fall Apart)‘. These powerful songs capture the zeitgeist of Gen Z – from personal tracks on teenage love and Noah’s experience of toxic masculinity as a trans man, to political blasts at racism, corruption and the climate crisis. The band’s sound is influenced by X-Ray Spex, The Clash and Buzzcocks, along with the alternative stylings of Idles, Paramore and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes.

The EP’s title comes from a line in its first track ‘Crash Landing‘ – “This calls for a desolate warning!” – where the band rail against the current political climate, expressing their frustration with the UK government’s incompetence and hypocrisy.

“Our country’s got no morals and the rich’ll never share” neatly summarises how they feel about it. As students they suffer from the imposition of fees and loans for their education, which was free for those currently in power during their own youth, hypocrisy indeed! ‘Crash Landing‘ is a mighty song, both musically and lyrically, and a belter of an opener to this EP.

Noah Lonergan - Noah and the Loners
Noah Lonergan - Noah and the Loners - photo © Ruth Rae

Just Kids‘ is a fast and furious Punk pummeler coming in at just a minute and a half. Noah and the Loners can play  at lightning speed and still blast out a great tune! Don’t underestimate them – that’s what this song is all about.

Amber Welsh - Noah and the Loners - photo © Ruth Rae

The raw angst of ‘You Make Me (Fall Apart)‘ is all too real for those who’ve had their heart ripped to shreds by someone. Growling bass undertones from Amber, shimmering guitar lines from Joseph, skillful beat keeping from Noah on the drums during the tempo changes while singer Noah brandishes his full vocal range to make this a favourite track for me.

Joseph Boyle - Noah and the Loners - photo © Ruth Rae

Singer Noah picks up his guitar in ‘Losing My Head‘ to give this melodic number a boost. Catchy, dynamic and kick ass, once again demonstrating just how good these young musicians are. You’ll be singing along to the chorus!

Noah Riley - Noah and the Loners
Noah Riley - Noah and the Loners - photo © Ruth Rae

Closing track ‘Hell Of A Day‘ is based upon Noah’s football team losing a match followed by a series of unfortunate events as he tried to get home.. Another wild and wonderful tune with guitar and bass going crazy!

Noah and the Loners debut EP ‘A Desolate Warning‘ is out on 28th February 2024 via Marshall Records. Order your copy HERE and presave the download HERE

Catch Noah and the Loners playing live in the UK, USA and Europe:

28th February – ILMC at The 100 Club, London UK
7th March – Justines, Margate UK
13th March – Marshall Funhouse at Parish, Austin TX USA
13th March – BME at Sheraton Backyard, Austin TX USA
15th March – SXSW at Seven Grand, Austin TX USA
20th March – Monarch, Berlin Germany
22nd March – Kulturzentrum Faust, Hannover Germany

They are also very much looking forward to playing at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, UK again after their sensational debut there last year – look out for a NatL acoustic set in addition to an electric one this time!

Noah and the Loners A Desolate Warning EP

Main Photo Credit: RUTH RAE

  1. Crash Landing
  2. Just Kids
  3. You Make Me (Fall Apart)
  4. Losing My Head
  5. Hell Of A Day
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