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Documentary Project in Development Based on Glen Matlock’s Memoir

A documentary about the Sex Pistols, is in the works and this time is based on Glen Matlock's 1990 memoir, I Was a Teenage Sex Pistol.

The movie will portray Matlock’s experience as an original member of the Pistols, having written 10 of the 12 songs on their one studio album, ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’. He also had a hand in providing the bass and backing vocals for ‘Anarchy in the U.K.’ before he left the band in 1977. According to the director, the film will provide an honest and insightful look at the Pistols’ ascent to global notoriety, showing how a gang of misfits aimed to revolutionise the music industry and challenge the established conventions of the day.

In his book, Matlock recounts the atmosphere of the U.K. in the early ’70s and provides copious details about the original Sex Pistol Wally Nightingale, Steve Jones’ pilfering, the search for a vocalist, the rapidly expanding punk scene and the stark reality that provided a counterpoint to the thrill and enthusiasm of band manager Malcolm McLaren’s shop.

The bassist’s contributions to The Sex Pistols have been downplayed significantly in recent years, especially by Jones, although drummer Paul Cook later asserted that Matlock had penned the majority of the tracks on Never Mind the Bollocks. Even the circumstances of Matlock’s exit from the band have been contested, with McLaren wrongfully claiming at the time that he had been “thrown out” for loving The Beatles. In I Was a Teenage Sex Pistol, he states he left of his own accord as he was “fed up with all the hassles.”

The documentary, along with depicting the contents of the book, will present never-before-revealed facts about the Sex Pistols from the band members themselves, as well as exclusive interviews with iconic rock ‘n’ roll figures from that period.

Andre Relis (notable for Randy Rhoads: Reflections of a Guitar Icon, NWA & Eazy-E:Kings of Compton) and Nick Mead (Clarence Clemons: Who Do I Think I Am?) will direct the upcoming movie I Was a Teenage Sex Pistol. The production team comprises of Matlock, Jessica Bennett (Darkness of Man, The Price We Pay) and Nick Mead, with Stephen Nemeth (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dogtown and Z-Boys) as executive producer.

Relis shared, “I’ve been a major enthusiast of the Sex Pistols ever since my teenage years. The impact of their record Never Mind The Bollocks: Here ‘s The Sex Pistols on me was huge and I haven’t been the same since I heard it. I recall reading Glen’s book when it was published — the information and knowledge it provided about the band is remarkable. Glen wrote a lot of songs, including the iconic “God Save The Queen”, which is one of the greatest of all time. What more can I say?”

Mead stated that, within the musical realm, The Sex Pistols crafted a revolution that has had an immense impact on the world. Although they only released one record, Glen Matlock is credited with writing the songs that propelled this revolution. Consequently, it is time to recognize and tell his story.

Matlock expressed his joy, stating: “My time spent in the Sex Pistols was a momentous occasion in my life. I am delighted to be able to tell my tales in this documentary with the help of this brilliant ensemble of filmmakers.”

No news yet what John Lydon thinks of this latest Sex Pistols film  and Matlock prefers not to talk about his former bandmate, but he sympathised with him on the recent death of his wife, Nora. “That was very sad. I liked Nora, and I know through dealing with my dad’s death that Alzheimer’s is a nasty, insidious disease that steals people’s souls, so I can only wish anybody having to deal with going through that the best.”

MAIN PHOTO OF GLEN MATLOCK : Danny Clifford. All Rights Reserved.

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