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Crown Court release new album ‘Heavy Manners’

Oi punk is still alive and well thanks to bands like North London's Crown Court. And their new album is out today!

This is guitar slinging at its finest, blistering Chiswick rock and roll paired with a streetwise swagger unparalleled in the so called ‘scene’ today.

Power met with the finesse of a Staffy barking at a chain link fence, their latest offering ‘Heavy Manners’ proves not to disappoint. Head nods and cues to the 80’s glory days of the genres past is just one of many tricks in the bag for a band dubbed ‘Trouble from London’ has to offer.

Headed by Trevor Taylor, the bands leader since inception with Ralph Orton (Concrete Bollox, Last Crusade) delivering masterful bass lines create an axis from which a fuel powered machine turns. Exceptional writing from Danny Swan (Half Charge) and Ronny Hamersma (The Reapers, Roughed Up) show the heaven and hell attitude that this band has made a statement time and time again.

Jack Lewis (Code Blue) gives all a backbone and combined shows that pedigree from this background cannot be bought or imitated. Five different men, five different estates, music made for the tower blocks more than a long haired, tote bag touting art venue.

Grab a taster of the album by checking out ‘Kids of the 20s‘ below:

This release is everything you expect modern British street punk to sound like- it is combative, in yer face, gritty and no nonsense. But Crown Court aren’t just rehashing the sounds of the past- they’ve brought the sound right up to date with observations on modern life and a tight, powerful sound. The perfect fusion of old school grit and a fresh attitude. 

This is Crown Court, this is the underbelly of London, and this maybe the realist band you hear all year. So get your copy of ‘Heavy Manners‘ now!

Crown Court are: Trevor Taylor, Ronny Hamersma, Danny Swan, Ralph Orton, Jack Lewis.  

Order your copy of ‘Heavy Manners’ HERE.

  1. Left For Dead
  2. Rich Boy
  3. Nothing Known
  4. Pavement Duties
  5. Two O’Clock Hero
  6. Striped Up, Sent Down
  7. Kids of the 20s
  8. Sect 59
  9. No Face No Case
  10. The Scum
  11. Mad in England
  12. The 33rd 
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