Six Of The Best Punk Release Of The Week!

Tizane releases 2nd album 'Forever is Nothing'

Release Date: 23rd June
Record Label: Burning Girl Records

Ethereal punk artist Tizane follows up her debut (2021’s ‘Cherry‘) with new, guitar-driven showcase ‘Forever is Nothing‘. It’s an eclectic display from an artist that can balance delicate vulnerability with the grungy riffs of a darker side of pop. All with a punk edge. 

Stream HERE.

Moore Ave Turn A Bad Brain Day Into Good Music
moore ave

Release Date: 21st June 
Record Label: Self-Released

Aylmer Ontario punk rock band, Moore Ave, has a vibe reminiscent of Sum 41 and Blink-182, with a modern twist. Their punchy new single ‘Relapse’ is about managing your mental health when your brain just doesn’t want to deal with anything. Some people refer to this as a “bad brain day” This single  manages to turn a bad brain day into good music.

Available to stream now!

Horror punks Tomb Tones are ghosts with the most

Release Date: 23rd June
Record Label: Self-Released

Straight outta their graves in Atlanta, GA, The Tomb Tones have a spooky release for any fans of infectious hooks, punk rock sweetness and hokey horror references. Sound like your cup of witches brew? Then check out the band’s new album ‘Ghost of Toast‘- for punks who like a bit of terrifying fun!

Get their music HERE

Thirsty Curses tease new album with early single

Release Date: 22nd June
Record Label: Self-Released

Folk/alt punks Thirsty Curses have had a busy year. ‘I Never Learn‘ is their third single released so far this year and there’s an album on its way soon! This new track is a rollercoaster- starting off firmly in the folk camp but evolving into heavy garage rock. The song explores the complicated and contradictory feelings associated with a short-lived and poorly conceived polyamorous relationship.

Streaming options HERE

Bristol indie punks release debut LP
Toodles and the Hectic Pity

Release Date: 23rd June
Record Label: Specialist Subject Records

Known affectionately to their fans as simply Toodles, Bristol indie/folk-punks Toodles & the Hectic Pity release their debut album ‘Hold Onto Happiness With Both Hands‘. What starts as a break up record soon morphs into one of personal transfiguration. Check out lead single ‘Emotionally Unclean’ to get a flavour of the record. 

Streaming options HERE.

Belgian punks Jerk Beefy release pop punk anthem

Release Date: 16th June 
Record Label: Self-Release

Belgian pop punkers Jerk Beefy have been putting out great pop-punk tunes since they formed in 2018, with a shared love of all things Green Day, Blink 182 and Offspring. If you share the band’s love for all things fast, melodic and full of fun energy, then you should check out their new single ‘Overdose‘. It’s a catchy, uptempo number that will make you think it’s 1999 all over again.

Stream HERE.

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