The Rejected, San Francisco: A buffet of bay-area dissidence

The Rejected SF
  • The Location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • The Line up: Adam Mckibben – Drums, Andy Wayne– Guitar, Mike Storkson – vocals, Will Ortiz – Guitar and bass
  • The sound: Punk for Metalheads
  • The comparison: Black flag, Discharge, Misfits, Motorhead
  • Punktuation song pick: Truth to Power

The Rejected, San Francisco, have kicked open the door with their jackboots of dissidence and are cramming their debut, self-titled album into the ears of disenfranchised Americans. A mix between Black Flag and Motörhead, this album goes balls deep into the heavier side of punk and provides a rare crossbreed between Punk and Speed Metal.

“Pissed off? Left out? And sick of it all? We will be the soundtrack to your personal revolution!” The Rejected, San Francisco.

The album has 14 short tracks to taste test and mix into whatever flavour you want to spit into the face of oppression. Each song has a simple yet powerful chant-along chorus that will stick in your head, keeping you pissed off enough to get through the day. From being broke, hating your job, hating your life, abuse of political power, police brutality, gun violence, classism, and the hypocrisy of the military, this album is a bingo card for pissed off punks.

In fact, the music video for the opening track, Truth to Power, has TWO warnings of explicit/disturbing content from YouTube! See their album trailer below:

The Rejected SF – Album trailer

This Molotov cocktail of rage comes from the San Francisco bay area, a known cradle for free-thinking and counter culture in the USA. From Jimi Hendrix to Metallica to Punk heavyweights Rancid, the Bay Area has played a significant role in cultivating musical talent. This frankly makes their single ‘Gotta Get out of this town’ feel like a swift kick in the nuts for those trying to get into San Fran… but maybe that’s the point?

The Rejected SF – Gotta Get Out Of This Town

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