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The Chisel’s Fierce New Punk Single Unleashed

If The Chisel's new single is anything to go by, the London Oi band's Feb released LP 'What A F*cking Nightmare', promises to be a blinder.

The punk scene is about to experience a seismic shift as The Chisel, London’s rabble-rousing punk band, comes back with a bang! Their upcoming album, “What A F*cking Nightmare”, is set to drop on February 9th, promising to shake the genre with its high-octane Oi! hooks and relentless hardcore stomp. Produced by Jonah Falco, this aggressive yet catchy album from Pure Noise Records is set to leave it’s mark

The latest single “F*ck ‘Em” just dropped, following the footsteps of its predecessor “Cry Your Eyes Out”. The Chisel has a knack for balancing catchiness and ferocity, a talent more than evident in their latest track. Vocalist Cal Graham discussed the new song saying, “the song’s about people who talk but don’t have much to say: gobshites and over-opinionated knobheads.”

Emerging from the London punk scene, The Chisel have gained worldwide recognition as one of the most exciting new bands in the genre today. While their sound is rooted in aggression, it’s their ability to pack a melodic punch that’s allowed them to stand out from the pack. Across a whopping 16 tracks, What A F*cking Nightmare hones The Chisel into the keenest and most effective version of themselves.

Graham’s biting-yet-tuneful delivery allows the band to swing from eye-bulging ragers to triumphant singalongs that even the most faint-of-heart rock and roll fan couldn’t help but enjoy, and his bluntly powerful lyrics paint vignettes of everyday frustrations, class divisions, exploitive authority figures, and the camaraderie of finding like-minded people in a tumultuous world. The result is a truly essential punk album that grabs the listeners by the head and never lets go. This is The Chisel’s world and we’re just living in it. 

Stream “F*ck ‘Em” and pre-order “What A F*cking Nightmare” now to experience The Chisel’s punk revolution in all its glory.

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