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Soekarja Street Crew fire bandmate for throwing a glass of water at Rumkicks singer

Indonesian punk band Soekarja Street Crew have fired member Akhir Darsito after he threw a glass of water at Yaewon Jeong, the frontwoman and guitarist for the South Korean band, Rumkicks.

At a Rumkick’s recent show in Purwokerto on the island of Java, Indonesia, on January 8, Yaewon Jeong, the frontwoman and guitarist for the South Korean band, Rumkicks was talking to the audience about how they had been considered “fake” or “plastic” punks by some, when she was hit in the face by a glass of water.

After the show, the event management company that organised the gig tweeted: “At Complete Control Events we will not tolerate any forms of online or physical abuse towards any of our bands. At a show in Indonesia Yeawon had a plastic glass thrown at her by a cowardly pathetic moron. Please just f**k off from any of our shows if you don’t respect the band.”

Soekarja Street Crew’s official Instagram account, which has recently been made private, posted a statement admitting that one of their band members had thrown the bottle, and as a consequence had been fired from the band.

The group later appeared on the Choppergyeh Dolan YouTube channel and made a statement the incident.

Darsito, the band member who threw the glass apologised to the Rumkicks, explaining that he had reacted angrily after he had been kicked by someone in the audience.

“As an individual, I truly regret what I’ve done,” he said. “I apologise wholeheartedly.”

Rumkick or their management have yet to comment on the apology.

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