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SoCal punks Blair Gun release debut album Blaspheme Queen

Gen-Z post punk newcomers Blair Gun release their relentless, noisy punk gem on Enabler No.6/SonaBLAST! Records.

The San Diego based band’s debut is enthralling from the very first note, a frenzy of post-punk and early aughts alternative rock, which has quickly solidified Blair Gun as a Southern California band to be reckoned with, quickly growing beyond their local scene. 

The band’s new video for ‘Bennet‘ depicts a young person on the edge after feeling the fool.

Of the indie anthem, Blair Gun stated, “Bennet is about a man that I met online. After years of making music and seeing no progress, no fans, no attention, he was making all these posts about giving up on his dreams and his feelings of defeat. It really touched me on a profound level because he reflected a lot of my own personal fears at the time and the fears of a lot of people that are pursuing a career in the arts.” 

From the opening single ‘Lemondrops‘, a noisy pop-punk confection to the distorted earworm about faux-machismo ‘Man of the Hour‘, Blair Gun flex their post-punk muscles honoring their heroes and winking at us along the way.

They tackle themes of celebrity culture on ‘Andrew Savage‘, (though it is fact an earnest declaration of admiration for the Parquet Courts singer), dopamine addiction on the frenetic punky ‘Coke Syrup‘ and existential crises on ‘Death Wish‘ and ‘You’re Not There‘.

In the slinky post-rock track ‘Genovese‘ their thesis underpins the album: If it’s authentic and true you can feel it in your nerve endings

The four members are Joedin Morelock (vocals, guitar), Zach Cavor (guitar), Alland Mendivil (bass), and Jake Richter (drums). Joedin and Zach met through a chance encounter on the site BandMix, united by their shared love of 70’s punk and a desire to make music.

A raucous young band who are capable of both exuberance and confident depth, experiment with unexpected transitions, tight beats, and gritty vocals which share tales of personal autonomy, anti-masculinity, romantic detachment and nonsense for nonsense’s sake, leading the charge for thoughtful modern angular rock.

Blaspheme Queen‘ is out now! Listen to the album HERE

Blair Gun

Main Photo Credit: Eden Cvengros

  1. Lemondrops
  2. Bennet
  3. Man Of The Hour
  4. Andrew Savage
  5. Genovese
  6. Pound Sand
  7. Don’t Talk
  8. Coke Syrup
  9. You’re Not There
  10. Death Wish
  11. Protozoa
  12. Blaspheme Queen
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