Six Of The Best Punk Release Of The Week!

Mummycore pranksters I'Doris release 'HRT'

Release Date: 16th June
Record Label: Loud Women Records

Ever had a panic attack in a TK Maxx? Your hormones making you sweat like a turkey on Xmas eve? Then you’ll relate to UK punks I,Doris’ new single ‘HRT‘ which takes on the serious topic of gynaecological healthcare with their trademark wit and biting humour. Catch them at the Rebellion Punk Fest this Summer and Loud Women Fest in September.

Stream HERE

The Poison Arrows new Album Out Now
poison arrows

Release Date: 16th June 
Record Label: Solid Brass Records

On the heels of 2022’s ‘War Regards’ and after fifteen years of musical telepathy, ‘Crime and Soda’, is arguably the most balanced offering from The Poison Arrows. Their 5th LP showcases the band’s keen ability to balance softer, more contemplative periods held together by a dark and driving rhythm section.The foreboding single ‘The Joy Amber Scam‘ gives a taste of the sound of the album.

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The Tracys release their goodbye album

Release Date: 15th June 
Record Label: Shotgun Nature

After 10 years together, NY punks The Tracys are saying farewell with their fourth and final album ‘Welcome to the Land of Nothing‘. But it’s not a sombre album, far from it. It’s the band’s signature punk rock energy, dirty rock riffs and humourous lyrical takes on the big issues. This  may be the end of The Tracys but the remaining original members of the band continue with project The Sparkles. 

Stream Here

THICK share new single ‘Doomer’

Release Date: 14th June 
Record Label: Epitaph Records

Open Your Ears RecordsSeasoned Brooklyn punk powerhouse THICK have shared their frustrated new single ‘Doomer,’ which features production from Grammy-nominated rock producer Will Yip and drums from Mannequin Pussy member Kaleen Reading. The song is out now on Epitaph Records, and is accompanied by a self-directed video, starring members Nikki Sisti and Kate Black. The visual is an ode to NYC, and taking yourself on a date in favourite parts of the city. 

Stream Here

Heavy Lungs are 'All Gas, No Brakes'
heavy lungs

Release Date: 14th June
Record Label:Alcopop

Serving as a flavour of things to come, Heavy Lungs have released an official video for new single and album title track ‘All Gas No Brakes’, which is out now on all good streaming platforms. Commenting on the song, front man and vocalist Danny Nedelko says: “This high-octane, dance floor firecracker is all about giving it absolute beans. It’s about knowing you are the big cheese. You’re the main course.”

Stream Here

German skate punks Angry Youth Elite drop new LP
angry youth Elite

Release Date: 16th June 
Record Label: Bakraufarfita Reocrds

German punk band Angry Youth Elite unleash their explosive new album ‘All Riot,’ blending influences from Rancid, Pennywise, and Hot Water Music. Since their debut, Angry Youth Elite have soared to the top of Europe’s skatepunk scene, showcasing politically charged hardcore anthems and catchy singalongs. Their second album, “All Riot,” embodies their evolution with eleven powerful punk rock tracks. Addressing social issues alongside personal themes, this record rivals international standards. 

Stream Here

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