Seattle Punk Alive and Well Thanks to The Scoffs

  • The location: Seattle, WA
  • The line-up: Vox/Guitar: Knuck, Guitar/Vox: Gábor, Bass/Vox: Nate, Drums: Rob
  • The sound: Punk Rock
  • The comparison: Generation X, Dead Boys, 999, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, The Vibrators, The Dictators
  • Punktuation’s Song Pick: Short Fuse

Four punk and rock n roll scene veterans got together to create something new that sounded like something old. After hammering the last nail into the coffin on their previous band, Dragstrip Riot, Knuck and Nate were looking for a new line-up to make punk music with strong leanings towards classic 70s sounds. 

“The Scoffs lightfootedly jump and dance over the fifteen minutes of their first EP. Rhythm and riffing immediately motivate your whole body to move and mosh. Each song is centred by a catchy hook line presented by clean and melodic voice… This is a great debut.”

– Raphael Lukas // MangoWave

Born in the shadow of the Space Needle in Seattle, WA, Steve “Knuck” Bostick, Gábor Szakácsi, Nate Manning and Rob Olsen are the minds behind the punk rock n roll swagger of The Scoffs. The Scoffs are a fresh hybrid of Knuck’s snarling delivery, Gábor’s aggressive punk guitar approach, Nate’s bouncing basslines and Rob’s thundering drums layered over ferocious and aggressive tunes imbued with pop sensibilities.

Their debut EP “Talk Is Cheap… Here’s The Scoffs” was recorded at No-Count Studios, Seattle, and showcases the band’s creativity and attention to details. Vintage tones underlie strong songwriting where they shine in their ability to deftly weave from punk rock n roll bangers and dark story-centric songs to melodic ‘77 punk anthems. Equal parts Valley of The Dolls, Singles Going Steady and Shock Troops are felt here and you end up with a brand new classic unique to their Northwest music scene.

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