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Review: Yur Mum’s new album ‘Duality’ – out today!

It's wild, it's deep, it's complex and it's incredibly expressive - the bass and drums combo have recorded a fantastic album!

London-based Fuzz Punk Rock duo, Yur Mum, release their highly anticipated album ‘Duality‘ today! The sequel to their 2021 LP ‘Tropical Fuzz‘, ‘Duality‘ encapsulates the band’s essence as a fusion of contrasts – Female meets Male, Europe meets South America, and Rock meets Brazilian music. Anelise Kunz, the bassist and vocalist, expresses, “It’s a total yin and yang. We’re embracing our differences and blending them together to create something unique.”

In a bold move, Yur Mum opted for an independent release, expressing pride in creating the album they envisioned. Collaborating with producer Alex Gordon, known for his work with bands like Tigercub and CLT DRP to create a wild mix of beats and melodies and rocking out with fuzzed-up riffs, Yur Mum’s iconic bass and drums have levelled up.

Beyond the high-energy tunes, the band explores themes like faith, guilt, existentialism, mental health, toxic people, classism, and immigrant catharsis. The album cover, designed by Yur Mum drummer Fabio Couto, portrays a fusion of the duo in an androgynous and striking composition. Fabio says it was captured “DIY style” with an old smartphone camera.

Yur Mum - Fabio Couto - Apr 2024
Yur Mum - Anelise Kunz
Yur Mum - Anelise Kunz - Apr 2024

Album opener ‘New Beginnings‘ was also the first single released, way back last August. It plus follow-up single ‘Say Say‘ gained recognition on BBC’s 6 Music and Radio 1, along with Spotify editorial playlists. From the growling bass opening to the final frenetic drum beat, it has you hooked. The Lego stop motion animation video made by Nick Carey to accompany the single is utterly bonkers and brilliantly funny!

Follow up ‘Say Say‘ is another belter, a tirade against toxic, selfish people “Open up your eyes; Look around; Sometimes is good to check yourself; Check on others; Keep an open view; In the center it’s not only you.”

The duo’s Brazilian roots are exposed in ‘Anhangá‘; in Brazilian mythology, the Anhangá is a forest spirit and guardian which punishes hunters who mistreat the rainforests and the animals. It is usually depicted as a white deer with bright red eyes and is a powerful creature, having the ability to cast convincing illusions. Opening with a tribal beat, the song expands into a mighty explosion of sound which symbolises the Anhangá perfectly.

Yur Mum with Myura Amara
Yur Mum with Myura Amara - album launch gig Apr 2024

Hands To The Sky‘ continues the Brazilian theme, a very positive song about reaching your potential.

Introduced by the band at their album launch show as “something different”, ‘Snakes Don’t Fly‘ features Myura Amara from PollyPikPocketz on additional vocals. A catchy song, it has elements of Bow Wow Wow‘s ‘Go Wild in the Country‘ about it, and it’s actually my favourite on the album!

Guilty‘ is another departure, being a short piano instrumental and the introduction to the following track ‘Guilt‘.

Fabio joins Anelise on lead vocals for ‘Guilt‘, a striking musical and lyrical investigation of an emotion which we all find difficult to handle. It sounds amazing live!

“I know who this is about” smiled Anelise, before playing ‘Obnoxious‘ at the launch show, “And no, it’s not you” she said, turning to Fabio! A slow head-banger of a track with cutting lyrics, whoever did inspire it is not a person I’d ever wish to meet! Definitely cathartic.

Immigrant‘ sees Fabio on lead vocals for a robust rocker of a song with a serious message – erasing somebody’s past because they are an immigrant is downright criminal!

The pace gets wild for ‘Same Igual‘ which translates as “same same”. Rapid vocal delivery over a kick-ass melody make this one of the strongest tracks on the album, and great fun to hear live!

A short interlude at the ‘Café‘ sees an acoustic guitar with a few spoken words, a gentle break in proceedings before the final number.

If I’ve listened correctly, ‘Go Back‘ is first track ‘New Beginnings‘ played in reverse – and it sounds just as good! A clever ending to an inspiring and energetic album.

Yur Mum - Apr 2024
Yur Mum - double drumming! - Apr 2024

Duality‘ is one of those albums where you’ll hear something new upon every listen; full credit to Anelise and Fabio for producing a wonderful soundscape enriched by their own life experiences and culture.

The full album will not be available via streaming, so please support the band and buy a copy! Avaialble on both CD and vinyl, get yours HERE

Yur Mum are touring from May – check their website for a full list of dates HERE


Main Photo Credit / All Live Photos: RUTH RAE

  1. New Beginnings
  2. Say Say
  3. Anhangá
  4. Hands To The Sky
  5. Snakes Don’t Fly
  6. Guilty
  7. Guilt
  8. Obnoxious
  9. Immigrant
  10. Same Igual
  11. Café
  12. Go Back
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