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Popclaw raising money for charity with Xmas single!

Get into the spirit of Christmas (and punk!) by getting Popclaw's new track which is raising money for a vital cause.

Kids shouldn’t go hungry at Christmas- sounds like an obvious point of view that literally no one could disagree with right? Well, that message is front and centre of the new single ‘Stocking Filler’ by punk rock duo  Popclaw.

The band are raising awareness (and funds) for those who will be struggling this Christmas as all Bandcamp proceeds from the song will be donated to Trussell Trust charity.

The track is just over a minute of hardcore punk, the result of a joke between members Dan and Chris about the brevity of Chris’ songwriting, and voila, a charity Christmas track is born!

It’s short and sweet and gets to the crux of the matter without messing about. Many individuals and families will be going without this Christmas- without food, without gifts, without heating, without homes….as the cost of living crisis intensifies and economic security, safety nets and fairness seem to be sold out. In true punk spirit, Popclaw are doing their bit to get some essential funds raised for a vital charity:

Both of us are very fortunate to have stable incomes and families we can provide for. Of course not every one else is in the same position in the UK. So if people can donate to the charity or even drop of food to go to a food-bank. That will be good enough for us.”

The Trussell Trust “support a nationwide network of food banks and together we provide emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.”

According to the organisation’s website, they are expecting to provide 1 million emergency food parcels this year in the UK.A super worthy cause and you can help support them whilst getting this awesome dose of punk – everybody wins.

The band are keen to stress that you can also donate directly to the Trust on their website, please give if you can.

Stocking Filler’ is out today. You can purchase from Bandcamp HERE.

You can donate directly to the Trussell Trust via their website

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