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North East punks Monkie Mind release new vid!

The pop punk cheeky chappies get surreal in some arty locations for new track 'Surrealio'.

Monkie Mind always bring the energy and the catchy riffs and they’re at it again with their new song- ‘Surrealio‘- a track that will be released alongside ‘Ocean Road‘- a double A side of sorts. 

Fans may be familiar with the latter track, as the video for that was released last year, and now we’ve got a new video to complete the set!

If the title ‘Surrealio‘ makes you immediately think of the art movement with a very similar name, then you’re not alone! The video is a fun homage to the world of Surrealism that sees the band rocking out in an art gallery accompanied by a dancing monkey- as you do. We also see frontman Lee Wright giving the old art a go himself, with his take on Dali’s melted clocks. 

Lyrically the band leave it up to the listener to decide what the song is about, it was written while looking looking directly at a Salvador Dali painting.

The video was filmed in two locations in the band’s native North East UK- the Globe Art Gallery in North Shields and Hedworth Hall in South Shields. 

It’s an upbeat and fun track that delivers what Monkie Mind do very well- all with heart and humour.

Featuring members of The Toy Dolls and Crashed Out, the band were formed in 2018 and have been providing catchy, energetic punk tracks ever since.

Monkey Mind are Lee Wright (guitar/vocals), Michael Algar (Bass/Vocals) and Martin Payton (drums).

Surrealio/Ocean Roadwill be released in April by People of Punk Rock Records. You can pre order and find your listening options HERE

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