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New vid just dropped from The Red Bastards!

Forget 'White Christmas'...'White Lines' is the song you'll be listening to this festive season.

OK, so ‘White Lines‘ isn’t a Christmas song…it’s just really good. We’d expect nothing less from our favourite Welsh punks The Red Bastards.  

The raucous four piece have given us a sneak peek of what we could expect from their next LP (due for potential release in Summer 2024) with single ‘White Lines‘ and an impressively cinematic accompanying video!

Whilst the band give us a dose of the  Red Bastard brand of gruff, rollicking punk rock, their video shows them getting around a bit, making cameos in some classic films with leading men who are infamous erm, substance-enthusiasts shall we say?

As you shout your heart out to  the sing-a-long chorus and pound your feet to the frantic riffs, you are treated to the sight of the Welsh punks infiltrating the likes of Scarface and Wolf of Wall Street. Some great video trickery at play and all very tongue in cheek. 

The song itself is about that person at the pub who always takes things too far. You know, the guy who “hangs out with kids half his age” and thinks he’s Keith Richards, doing lines and acting like an arse. You either know that guy or you’ve BEEN that guy. 

Filmed at the Aberystwyth University Film and TV Studio with Leon Underwood of Through My Eyes Production (the band’s 3rd video with Leon, the other two being ‘Kids On Glue‘ and ‘Give Me No Shit‘). 

Red Bastards behind the scenes of the vid for 'White lines'

Hailing from South Wales, the band are comprised of Niff (vocalist), Cynrig (guitar), Matt (bass) and Harold (drums) with all four veterans of punk bands including 3 Minute WarningMugwampjism (trying saying that when you’re drunk. Or sober for that matter) and NYC Ska band The Toasters. 

Formed in the midst of the pandemic, they are a no-nonsense punk band whose influences span hardcore legends Black Flag and horror punk icons like Misfits. Taking their name from an infamous bunch of highwaymen who used to terrorise mid-Wales, the band released their first full length album last year (self titled) and a second album is in the works. 

White Lines‘ is out on major streaming platforms now.

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