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Mean Jeans throw a mutant party with ‘Something’s Going On’

The US pop-punks will follow the single with new album ‘Blasted’ next month.

Portland pop-punks Mean Jeans will release their sixth album, ‘Blasted’, in February and ahead of that have released the hyperactive single ‘Something’s Going On’.

The track blurs the lines of reality with a tale of a nuclear power plant spill that leads to some seriously contaminated pot plants.

Vocalist and guitarist Billy Jeans said: “If ever there were a movie made for the Mean Jeans, it would be Class of Nuke’ Em High (1986). If you don’t know it, the lyrics to “Something’s Going On” are pretty much a synopsis.

“A nuclear power plant spill contaminates some pot plants, the honours students turn into a psycho punk gang called The Cretins, and those who smoke the toxic weed get majorly mutated. Watch the film and jam our homage!”

Mean Jeans album Blasted

‘Something’s Going On’ will be on the band’s upcoming full-length, the 15-track ‘Blasted’, which drops on February 9 on Fat Wreck Chords.

1. I Don’t Give a Shit Anymore
2. Let’s Go
3. Diagnosis
4. Lost My Mind
5. Blasted to the Moon
6. Something’s Going On
7. Reggie
8. Taco Bell Parking Lot
9. Look What Punk’s Done to You
10. Slugs
11. Break up With You
12. Took Too Much
13. I Don’t Know What I Did Last Summer
14. Living Large on a Credit Card
15. Pop Punk Casualty

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