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Manchester art punks Furrowed Brow release offbeat single ‘Jill’

Not only that but you get an extra track with this 2-part release- 'TikTok Twat'. Worth a listen for the title alone!

Channelling some quirky, lo-fi, DIY vibes, Furrowed Brow’s new release is great fun with a sing-a-long chorus, squealy synth sound and catchy riff.  

Underneath the layer of avant-garde musicality are acerbic, witty and well observed lyrics. 

In ‘TikTok Twat‘ there are some absolute gems such as ‘Kissing boyfriend on a beach/Bikini arsed-turgid peach’. I guarantee one listen and this will be in your head all day.

Furrowed Brow

Self-described Manchester misfits, their music is innovative, iconoclastic art-punk tinged with bleak humour and Brechtian glamour. And if that hasn’t sold you, think B-52s and The Fall with the appreciation of bleak British literature that you might get with The Smiths (the song ‘Jill‘ is reference to a novel by Philip Larkin). 

Recorded live and fully analogue, new single ‘Jill’ fuses exuberant R’n’R with twisted 60s garage and a synth-soaked glam rock refrain, about loneliness, anxiety, isolation and infatuation. 

TikTok Twat‘ is about….well, a twat on TikTok. 

Furrowed Brow are: Richey (vocals), Marc (synth, organ, vocals), Evie (bass, vocals), Meg (guitar), Ruairi (drums/vocals). 

‘Jill’ and ‘TikTok Twat’ are available now! Find out your listening options HERE

Pic credits: Main pic (Natalie Ciufo Green) and centre pic (Maddie Drake).

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