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LoGOz new EP ‘Breaking Britain’ out tomorrow!

They may try to break us, but NE Punks LoGOz are fighting back with this cracking EP release!

Northumberland Punk band LoGOz was formed in the wet summer of 2012 by main man Peesh (Vocals & Guitar) through a love of The Wildhearts / Rancid / Ramones to name but a few! Eventually joined by Paul (Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Carlos on drums the band quickly gained a strong local following and became regulars on the North East gig circuit.

In the last few years LoGOz have played around the country with the likes of Dirt Box Disco / Eureka Machines / The Vibrators / Sham 69 / Cockney Rejects / 999 and their heroes The Wildhearts!

Now joined by Peesh’s’ son Kieran on Bass and new drummer Danny, the band keep going from strength to strength, and released their second full length album ‘Welcome To The Freakshow‘ in December 2022.

LoGOz band

After a successful 2023 playing all over the country, the band are now ready to unleash their new E.P; ‘Breaking Britain‘, out on 19th April 2024!

Breaking Britain‘ sees LoGOz at their angriest spikiest best. Channeling the uncertainties and disillusion at the state of post Covid Britain. 4 songs and 2 fingers in the face of adversity, capturing the zeitgeist perfectly amongst the meaty riffs and infectious melodies.

Opening track ‘Breaking Britain‘ takes no prisoners right from the first note, a musical and lyrical condemnation of the way the state has sought to break us. One of Peesh’s trademark catchy-as-hell choruses adds positivity and a will to fight back!

Suburban Times‘ is a rockier, darker number, with hints of Ruts DC‘s recent dystopian output. LoGOz are brilliantly versatile, seamlessly incorporating a range of playing styles into their music, and this track showcases that perfectly!

Third track ‘Denialate‘ has one of the best song titles I’ve ever seen – in case you were wondering, it’s an acronym that stands for ‘Don’t Even (K)Now I Am Lying’, when a person is so self-deceived that they totally believe their own falsehoods. The clever tempo changes and hard hitting drums and lyrics, along with seriously great bass and guitar, make this my favourite on the EP.

Short but punchy closer ‘Introduction To Condemnation‘ gets straight to the point with staccato drums and guitars “We are the broken and divided masses, sink or swiming in these stormy seas, They’re jumping ship and sailing empty vessels“. Another banger!

‘Breaking Britain’ EPs won’t break the bank, costing only £5 each inc P&P! To get your copy, contact Peesh; grab one from the band at an upcoming show; or order via PayPal:

LoGOz - Breaking Britain EP
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