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Introducing Riot House – The Alternative TikTok Club For Pop Punk and Emo Fans

Collaborate with other alternative musicians and get your pop punk, alt rock, emo, metal band heard

Alternative music lovers of all ages are thrilled with the launch of  Riot House a collective group based out of Nashville, TN creating content by the alternative scene for the alternative scene. 

Inspired by the success and stories emerging from 615 House, the Nashville-based content studio Classic 77 Creative Co. decided to create a collective space for fans of alternative music – from nostalgic early ’00s emo to up-and-coming pop-punk artists.

Musicians, influencers, and even just fans of the genres can be involved either through online collaboration such as TikTok duets, partnerships, use of music/sounds; or in person collaboration by creating real content in the studio.

On his reasoning for creating Riot House, co-founder Matt Bacnis had this to say:

“We are so excited to finally be launching this project. Each of the members of the Riot House brings such uniqueness to the table and the combination of their talent is what makes this, unlike anything on the internet.

“The fact that alt/emo/pop punk is more alive than ever is so exciting for someone like me who grew up on this sort of music and the fact that we can be a part of this new wave has been one of the best things ever.”

Check out Riot House playlist of band’s below.

Riot House is open to all musicians within the alternative genres (pop punk, alt rock, emo, metal), and they welcome established musicians and bands to get involved as guests as well!

The process of joining The Riot House as a permanent member will be an application found through The Riot House social media, where artists will submit their music and social media to be reviewed by their team before moving onto a series of test shoots.

Opportunities include connections in the scene, access to Classic 77 for content (for permanent members), cross-promotion of original music, and in the future live shows, endorsements, and merchandising. 

Classic 77 Creative Co. is a social media management and content coaching company with a five thousand-square-foot production studio just outside of downtown Nashville, TN.

Since 2020, their team of professional audio engineers, media producers, and social media coaches have been strengthening our partner’s businesses through the power of outstanding, social media-targeted content.

Social media has become the most predominant way to communicate brand identity which makes it vital that the media you own reflects and shows who you are. This is our passion: to tell your story and bring your vision to life. Good Content Matters.

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