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Horror punks The Creepy Crawlers unleash new video ‘Crawl’

Get ready to experience a creepy crawl into a new realm of Horror-Punk as The Creepy Crawlers release their latest video 'Crawl'!

The video is a prelude to the band’s highly-anticipated EP ‘Attack!‘ that will be released on February 10th by the UK-based label We Are Horror Records. The video is premiering here so you can be amongst the first to see the horror!

The Creepy Crawlers are a horror-punk band known for their dark and eerie music that takes fans on a spooky journey. The new video ‘Crawl‘ is a continuation of this haunting style and is sure to get under your skin.

“The song ‘Crawl’ is about the real life horror of someone gaining access to your house and causing mischief while you’re asleep” said the band’s chief songwriter and vocalist Rev. Chad Wells. “The song and the band’s name are a reference to the Manson Family who used to conduct ‘creepy crawl missions’ through unwitting victims homes while they slept”.

Warning! This is not for the faint of heart! You have been warned.

The upcoming EP ‘Attack!‘ is a collection of five tracks that showcase the band’s unique sound, blending horror-inspired lyrics with punk-rock energy. This new release will be a must-have for fans of horror-punk and is set to take the genre by storm.

“All of these songs are an homage to the great big, wild and wacky world of horror, true crime and the occult” said Wells. “The band’s entire aesthetic is rooted in these things with a huge chunk of the focus being the horror films and ‘satanic panic’ era of 1980’s punk and heavy metal music”.

We Are Horror Records, the label behind the recent horror-punk compilation ‘Horror Punk’s Not Dead Vol. 1‘ is thrilled to bring fans The Creepy Crawlers and their new EP ‘Attack!‘ The label is dedicated to promoting the best in horror-punk and is honored to be a part of this new release.

The band’s EP ‘Attack!‘ will be available from 10th February. You can pre-order HERE

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