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Have supper with Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman!

The punk legend is hosting three nights of unforgettable music, stories and great food!

If you have ever fancied breaking bread with punk royalty then now is your chance as Jaz Coleman will be showing his newest hot sauces at a series of supper clubs in November. 

He will host three nights of unforgettable music, stories and delectable cuisine showcasing his newest hot sauces at the Jaz Coleman’s Supper Club; starting at the Rockaway in Bristol on Saturday 18th November, then at Curious Cafe in Cheltenham on Sunday 19th, before concluding at The Collab in London on Thursday 23rd November.

At each event there will be a seated 2 course dinner and a spoken word/ in conversation with Jaz + Q+A.  Jaz will also play some of his new classical music, and perform some of his original works. 

All dishes at the Supper Club will feature Jaz’s new hot sauces either Mango Gold Frenzy or Voodoo Ghost Exorcism and/or the OG sauce.

jaz coleman

There was long hall and benches, flesh on the spit/ Music was playing, wine to drink

Women of scarlet, faces of flame/Laughter and argue, ever the same” 

“Since 1982 I have often dreamt of somehow recreating these last few lines of ‘The Pandys are coming’ in a series of ritualised feasts which combined the social life of the Gathering, music, talks, mysticism, revelry, good food and of course hot sauces.

I visualised it as a membership-based event held in various locations that could be loosely described as somewhere in-between the six Rose-Croix salons of Peladan and the feasting table of Valhalla in which we invite the souls of our loved ones (and Gatherers who have passed) to join us in eating, drinking and revelry!

Hence the genius of the Supper Club which I intend to hold at more exotic locations as we gather momentum. I look forward to seeing you there!” 

The first three dates are announced, will more to follow:

Sat 18th  November Rockaway Park, Bristol . Tickets HERE.

Sun 19th   November Curious Cafe, Cheltenham. Tickets HERE.

Thur 23rd  November The Collab, London. Tickets HERE          

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