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Hardcore punks Throwing Stuff rail against the monarchy with new single

"I don't believe in no god and I don't want to save the king".

If you’re already sick to the back teeth of the pomp and pageantry that is the coronation of the new British monarch, then you’re not alone. 

And if you were looking for an alternative national anthem (one they definitely won’t be singing in Westminster Abbey) then Throwing Stuff are happy to oblige.

Their latest single- ‘No Gods, No Kings‘- takes aim at the hypocrisy and waste shown by the British establishment who will throw money at an extravagant ceremony at a time when millions of people face the stark reality of a cost of living crisis. 

The Manchester-based band – known for their fast-paced, raw, and aggressive songs filled with politically charged lyrics – release the track on the eve of the British coronation as a statement of rebellion against the established order and a demand for a more egalitarian society

This weekend’s coronation highlights the massive inequality inherent in Britain. The concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a small elite will be broadcast around the world with gold carriages and shiny crowns studded with stolen jewels” the band said.

The British monarchy are the pinnacle of an establishment that believe they’re above the law, and where the will of the people is often subordinated to the interests of the ruling class. Throwing Stuff want a world where there are no gods and no kings so we can start to move towards fairer and more just society. The voice of the people must be heard in protest of the monarchy and the establishment.”

So play this loud at your neighbour’s coronation BBQ and start a conversation.

Throwing Stuff are Ben Small (vocals), Kieran Kelly (guitar), Jamie Carruthers (Bass) and Alun Matthews (drums). 

No Gods, No Kings‘ is out TODAY via TNS Records. If punk is about challenging power structures, fighting for rights and highlighting inequality and injustice then this is as punk a message as you can get so give it a listen! 

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