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Aussie DIY punks release video for infectious single ‘Robotic Insanity’

  • The location: Brisbane, Australia
  • The sound: Old school meets modern punk
  • The line-up: Jay (Guitar, Vocals), Ben (Bass, Vocals), Brett (Drums)
  • The comparison: Dead Kennedys on stage with Green Day
  • Punktuation pick: Robotic Insanity

Introducing Unsound Advice, a 3-piece melodic punk/grunge band from Brisbane, Australia. Their live shows are full of catchy original songs that are upbeat and energetic. Their musical influences include Ramones, old school punk, and ’90s grunge, a mix that is then shaken and stirred to create a traditional but fresh sound.

The lead vocal duties are shared between guitarist Jay and bassist Ben, who each have their own approach to songwriting, creating a diverse and dynamic body of work. The lyrics are varied and touch on topics such as mental health and the general frustrations of day to day life.

Look out for the band’s 6-track EP called ‘Surprise Party For Psychics’, which they recorded in July 2021 at Pulpitation Studios, Brisbane. It has been very well received so far, with songs gaining international radio airplay on shows in the UK and North and South America.

Jay explains the title for the EP: “I was thinking about Covid and how it seemed that no psychics predicted the pandemic. I took that thought a step further to end up with ‘Surprise Party For Psychics’. The concept was easy to communicate to an artist to create some cool images to fit our vision.”

The origins of the band started quite a while ago. When Jay was playing in bands in the early ’90s, he found himself advertising for a new musical project called The Borkets and quickly secured the interest of both Ben and Brett. This outfit wrote frantic punk songs, and although heavier on enthusiasm than talent, they made a small dent in their local scene.

Fast forward more than 20 years, and the three members have found themselves together once again as Unsound Advice, a group that has matured in abundance both musically and personally. Now with a wealth of life experience to write about, the boys have seized the opportunity to not just make a dent in the live scene but smash a gaping hole right through it!


In mid-2020, they released a roughly recorded 5-song demo EP titled ‘Get Up N Go’, which swiftly sold out all hard copy CD’s sold exclusively at their live shows. October 2021 saw the release of their sophomore EP ‘Surprise Party For Psychics’, which inevitably saw an ever-growing and faithful fanbase attending their live shows.

With new material ready to test on stage and another release early next year, Unsound Advice is a band you need to look out for.

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