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Glasgow Punk Band oh, rain Unleash Captivating Single ‘Fake Nice’

The single ‘taken from their upcoming debut EP 'Awful Things' is a "compelling blend of power, introspection, and unbridled passion."

Emerging amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Scottish punk band oh, rain has released their first single, ‘Fake Nice’, from their soon-to-be-released debut EP, ‘Awful Things’. 

‘Fake Nice’  the band says, is an “ode on how maintaining self-loathing is much harder than actually getting help and choosing to grapple with your own flaws and shortcomings.”

Commencing their work on the EP just before the pandemic’s grip tightened, oh, rain went through numerous transformations of their songs and changes to their lineup. However, the artistic synergy that emerged after bass player and vocalist Mark Fraser’s brother, Adam Fraser, joined the band as the lead guitarist, breathed new life into the project and helped them finally finish the EP.

The music of oh, rain embodies a captivating fusion of power and introspection, blending the untamed energy of punk with the reflective melancholy of emo. Their thought-provoking lyrics add depth to their sound. Influenced by bands like Hot Water Music, The Menzingers, and The Gaslight Anthem, oh, rain takes inspiration from guitar virtuosos Gary Moore and Guthrie Govan, creating a distinct style that goes beyond mere imitation. 

The single ‘Fake Nice’ is the perfect introduction to the band’s sound. The EP ‘Awful Things’ will be released on September 8th. Expect more details to follow.

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