Filthy Militia ‘Arse About’ With New Lockdown Video ‘Don’t You Look Back’

  • The Location: London, UK
  • The Lineup: Ben “Frosty” Foster – Lead Vox/Guitar Mike Pilley – Trombone/Backing Vox Eve Crabb – Saxophone/Backing Vox Justin Bukspan – Bass/Backing VoxRemi Carrier – Drums
  • The Sound: Ska/Punk
  • The Comparison: Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, Madness

If we need anything now, we need music. And not just any dull tone, we need Filthy Militia. Music that perfectly compliments dance, booze, and copious amounts of shouting. This North London five-piece ska/punk band draw influence from all eras of ska music; from the classic hits of the Trojan era through 70s punk and 2 Tone, right up to 90s heyday of Third Wave and beyond.

They combine punk with Balkan melodies, skankable grooves and infectious horn lines and it’s been claimed they play “music for arsing about”.

And the world is definitely up for a bit of arsing about right now.  

“This is definitely music for drinking and arsing about to…if you want to enjoy life instead of letting it batter you, stick this on and forget our appalling existence for a while.”

Fortitude Magazine

With the UK Ska scene going through a bit of a resurgence the release of their highly-acclaimed debut EP Innocent Until Proven Filthy, saw its launch at The Urban Bar, Whitechapel, sell out. The band have quickly begun to make a name for themselves playing gigs across the country, supporting the likes of The Toasters, Lightyear and Call Me Malcolm at the launch of their wildly successful I Was Broken When You Got Here album.

After months of hard work and contributions from friends across four continents, they have just released their lockdown video for ‘Don’t You Look Back’. A little tune about supporting the ones you love through good and bad.  The band said: “It was a real labour of love and we’re ecstatic that we can finally share it with you all. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.”

With the band claiming they were “born mid-way through the cluster-fuck that was 2016” you have to wonder what brilliant things will evolved from Filthy Militia through out the mammoth cluster-fuck of 2020.

Stay tuned for more fun, dancing, booze and arsing about.

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