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Countdown begins to new Zebrahead EP and 2023 tour

The US punk-rap band will release the 'II' EP in February.

Long-running Californian punk-rap band Zebrahead will soon follow 2021’s ‘III’ EP with the ‘II’ EP, and a ‘I’ EP expected in the autumn.

Tracks for all three collections come from one long studio session. From those selected for EP ‘II’, ‘Envy Anonymous‘ was released last month and the band have just shared ‘Middle Seat Blues‘.

Vocalist/guitarist Adrian Estrella said of their latest song’s meaning: “Surround yourself with quality, not quantity, not everyone around you has your best interests in mind, ‘Middle Seat Blues‘ is about just that!”

Bassist Ben Osmundson added: “Imagine a song that combines a bit of metal, a bit of laid-back groove, and splashes a bit of punk on top. Hard to imagine right? Well, give ‘Middle Seat Blues‘ a listen.”

The Grammy-nominated Orange County band is also making plans “to tour throughout 2023”, with appearances at Slam Dunk and When We Were Young festivals already confirmed.

Main photo credit: Kevin Baldes

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