Canadian Pop-Punk Newbies, Burning Nickels, Release New EP

Burning Nickels Logo

The location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
The sound: Light Pop punk
The line up: Guitar/Vocals- Josh (Jawsh) Hauta, Bass/Vocals- Robbie (Rawb) Morön, Drums/Vocals- Jason “Ozone” Ezeard, Guest vocals- Dannyboy, Sam Russo, Alex Goldfarb, Guest solo- Kurt Anderson
The comparison: Blink 182, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Lillingtons
Punktuation song Pick: Cobwebs

Burning Nickels release their latest EP, Cobwebs, on the 2nd of March 2021 on their own label, High End Denim. Their lead single and title track for the EP, Cobwebs, is available now and a remixed version will be released on the full version.  Although the song has the upbeat, catchy riffs typical of the pop-punk genre, the lyrics deliver a scene where we’ve all been at some point in time with opening lyrics of:

‘Another perfect day to just remain
Within my swollen, empty head
Another lesson learned and overturned
And I’m held captive by this bed.’

Burning Nickels – Cobwebs, single

Alberta seems to have a tight scene with lots of community involvement. I.e., lots of ‘swinging’ members, and you feel you need a diagram to figure out who’s in which band/s – exemplified by the shit-tonne of guest appearances on this EP. But from what we can tell, Burning Nickels was conceived as a duo with Jawsh and Ozone, but soon they welcomed bass player Young David, of skate punk band Broken Yolks, from Edmonton (up the highway, 155KM north of Red Deer). The band then recorded and released their EP Shout At The Nickel! but life commitments and the tyranny of distance made it too difficult for David to continue.

With that, Robbie Morön from Calgary (down the highway, 147KM south of Red Deer – Canada, ‘we only have one road.’) was brought in to replace him. Due to the pandemic lockdown restricting travel of such distance, this incarnation of the band is yet to jam together. Hopefully, they can do another dirty photoshop pic of a full band line-up for the release of the Cobwebs EP.

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