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New Department-S single 'So Far Away' - like early Cure bumping into The Chameleons going up their down escalator, this driving ‘alternative-80s-at-its-best’ tune sounds like the soundtrack to the greatest film you’ve never seen. Mixing organic instrumentation with synthesised motorik beats, the single (featuring Baz Warne of The Stranglers on guest guitar) occupies a Continue Reading
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Rancid return with their eagerly awaited 10th album ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ out on June 2nd. Armstrong, Frederiksen and Freeman’s vocals expand the dimensions of the album, alongside the masterful musicianship of all four band members. There are still plenty of things to be said about the inequalities of modern society, and Rancid have never shirked this task. Writing as Continue Reading
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Hoo Ha! the fourth studio album from Adelaide rockesr Bad//Dreems sees a triumphant return to the top of their game. “There was a significant possibility that we may never have been able to record or play together again. If we were to do so I made a pledge to say exactly what I wanted to and make music true to only ourselves. Bugger the consequences”.Continue Reading
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Melbourne five piece band Delivery are proud to bring their debut album across the world to the UK and Europe this spring. A unique blend of quirky Garage Rock with spiky Post-Punk riffs, Forever Giving Handshakes is a collection of catchy songs written over the last two years, since their formation in 2021. A refreshing, diverse album from this young band who have made a Continue Reading