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Anti-Flag, has announced their Immediate Break-Up After Rape Allegations

Political Punk Band Anti-Flag Disbands Amid Controversy and Rape Allegations.

Breaking news: Anti-Flag, the long-standing political punk band, has unexpectedly announced their disbandment via Patreon. The band was in the midst of a European tour, with a scheduled performance in Prague tomorrow night. The announcement was brief and lacking in context, simply stating that the Patreon mode would no longer charge the monthly fee and that refunds would be processed for all patrons in the coming weeks.

This sudden breakup has left fans with numerous unanswered questions as the band’s website and social media pages have been taken down. Speculation arose after a distressing podcast episode was released yesterday on “Enough,” a podcast addressing sexual assault in the music industry. Though the woman sharing her story didn’t explicitly mention the band or its lead singer, the connection to the incident is difficult to ignore, causing profound distress and feelings of betrayal among listeners.The story is hard hitting in both in its details and in the sense of betrayal that surrounds it. You can hear it here.

Justin Geever, known as Justin Sane, founded the first iteration of Anti-Flag in Pittsburgh back in 1988. The band’s journey included the release of their demo in 1992 and their debut album, “Die For The Government,” in 1996. Over the years, Anti-Flag garnered immense popularity, transitioning from Fat Wreck Chords to RCA in the mid-2000s. Recently, they remained active, releasing their latest album, “Lies They Tell Our Children,” earlier this year. Throughout their entire existence, Anti-Flag championed left-wing principles and advocated for various political causes.

Anti Flag have Removed All Social Media
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