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Another Joe release new single “I Don’t Wanna”

I Don't Wanna is a straight-up call to arms to do things your way, not their way, a rally cry that is short and straight to the point.

High-value Canadian punk band Another Joe is back to making smart, exciting, and occasionally snotty rock music after a long hiatus. The group’s new album, ‘Ready or Not’, is their first noise since disbanding in 2001 after becoming established as one of the top draws in the Canadian scene.

Set to drop early in 2023 in concert with People of Punk Rock Records, ‘Ready or Not’ is an absolutely cracking set of new tunes that will quickly put Another Joe back in front of international crowds of fans, both old and new.

The band began in 1995 and built its following through extensive touring and playing locally with other important acts, including AFI, No Use for A Name, GOB, SNFU, Moneen, Chixdiggit, and The Suicide Machines (to name a few).

Another Joe made four well-received albums during its original period, Pee Against The Wind featuring their first hit, Eat at Bernies, Ass Seen On TV (split with fellow Canadian punks, GOB), Cran-doodle Daddy, and Plasti-scene. The group went hard until then-drummer left the fold and a proper replacement proved hard to find. They finally called it quits in 2001.

Founding member Jon Glen had been writing and recording new material with no plans to reform the band but changed his mind after going through the creative process and discovering how many people wanted new music from Another Joe. Suddenly, putting the band back together seemed like an excellent idea.

The current lineup of Another Joe is the strongest in the group’s history and is primed to tour in 2023. Guitarist/vocalist Jon Glen, bassist/vocalist Alison Toews, guitarist/vocalist Ryan Wagner, and drummer/vocalist Mario Nieva are a high-energy crew ready to bring their wildly entertaining combination of melody, creativity, anger, and frustration to the masses. They’re more intense now than ever before and plan to retake their rightful place on top of the Canadian scene.

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